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Anonymous said: i don't know if you take suggestions or not, but i was wondering if you'd consider making a grid style layout sometime? preferably one with a lot of columns. there's a serious lack of good ones and if anybody could make a really amazing one it would be you!

I do and I am! (You reading my mind anon?) I have some ideas in mind, one is actually for the Leonard Shelby revamp lol. 

I dunno if I did a lot of columns though aka more then 2 or 3 just because then the width has to be smaller so it makes posts longer or even harder to see. So :/ if you meant more than 3 columns but there are definitely some already out there that are amazing. 

I’m not the hugest fan of grid layouts only because I’m a slave to uniformity and it would bother me if the posts in the grid layout weren’t all the same height, but it’s something I’m getting over. (For some reason I’m ok with it if it’s just one column of posts. IDEK.)

But I’ve seen a lot of great grid layouts out there lately and they’re really inspiring me so… in due time I promise! <3