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04.27 new theme!
gravity (hiatus theme)
new page! all in one page
03.14 new theme! etgs - spy
03.13 new theme! fight club - tyler
02.24 new theme! k.i.l.l. v2
02.07 new layout! lmthemes 2.2
01.19 new page! film table (gifs)

Thank you so much its always nice to get messages like these (esp during revamp) so I don’t throw myself off a cliff when dealing with misbehaving coding or rude messages. <3 SO THANK YOU.

@anon: I remember this was after the Truman Show Revamp XD and am glad at least one person likes it because I was rather fed up with it and may decide to re-redo it because it just wasn’t where I wanted it aesthetically. But thank you!

@caricatureofintimacy, bortobe-killed, exouji, hey-motherfuck3r

@dontbeasourwolf: right back at you! your themes are wonderful!

@vistelle: ha ha thanks! LBR though I only ever have a handful of color palettes I use on themes… 

  • Grayscale
  • Magenta
  • Teal
  • Yellow/Black
  • Neon colors 

@fuckyeahshivertrilogy: XD MTE I’ve learned to not let things get to me on the internet because well, it’s the internet.

@odarios: OMG SMH AT MY OLD THEMES THO. BUT THANK YOU <3333 That means so much to me cause you’ve put up with me lol

@ilovedonnapaulsen: aw thanks so much that’s so sweet of you to say!

@cold-moon-rising & anon:


@commonanomaly: bah another from the beginninger ;_; I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for two years though it shows with my oldest themes. I try not to think about it. But lknlknlkmadf <3333

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